Grow Healthier Crops

Organic fertilizers are the present and future of farming

If you’re in the agriculture industry, your soil is one of the most vital components of your business procedures. Choose Western Horizon Trading, LLC for quality organic fertilizers. We are based out of the Pacific Northwest region, but we serve the entire coastal United States.

Like the saying goes—you get what you put in. Put our cost-effective organic fertilizer in your soil to pack your crops full of nutrients. We sell to:

Orchards | Vineyards | Row crop farms

Now more than ever, people are concerned about what goes into their food. Help your customers make healthy choices by using Western Horizon Trading organic fertilizers. They will see and taste the difference our Earth friendly, natural organic fertilizers will make.

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3 Reasons To Choose Organic Fertilizer

Enrich your soil and your crops with Western Horizon Trading’s unique organic fertilizer formulas. You’ll love them because:

  1. Our products are economical
  2. Our products promote the health of your customers
  3. Our organic fertilizers are good for your soil and crops

To place an order for any of our manures or pellets, call Western Horizon Trading at 509-521-9723 today.