Our Process

Western Horizon Trading, LLC strives to bring you the best service, best quality products at the best value in the industry. In order to accomplish these goals, we conduct our business with industry leaders of the highest standards and integrity for all of our raw product ingredients.

We test all incoming ingredients which make up the raw components for our unique blends for our pelleted products. During this selection process, all ingredients are then put into a calculation to determine the formulas or amounts required of each ingredient, taking into account the N-P-K levels, moisture, and overall consistency. All our products are weighed, tested, off loaded in bulk via truck or railcar.

The next step, after our formulation process, we begin our blending process, weighing out each crucial ingredient. All materials are scaled, then go through a hammer mill to insure uniformity and consistency, stirred and blended and moved over to the pellet room for the next phase of operations.

The blended product is elevated into a metering bin and introduced to the pellet mill where the pellets are extruded, by mechanical pressure through 1/4'” holes, creating the heat by friction, necessary to bind the pellet and reach required temperatures for “heat treating” the product.

Once the pellets are formed, they are cooled to ambient temperature and loaded later, either in bulk form or bagged in large tote bulk bags readied for immediate shipment or temporary storage.

Our process is simple, yet effective and helps our Company bring the best experience, knowledge and know-how for final results that save you money upfront and help you make more money at harvest.

Remember, for the best service, best quality and best value…….choose Western Horizon Trading, LLC for your every Organic Fertilizer need.