At Western Horizon Trading, LLC, we take deep pride in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality organic fertilizer products at the best prices in the industry. It is our job, it is all we do! All products we manufacture are registered as approved for organic use through the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s (WSDA) Organic Program, additional products are approved through the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in your organic program. Whether it’s granulated, pelletized or custom blended products, each will meet or exceed industry standards and achieve the desired results! Our repeat customers over the last 8 years, tell the story. For the best results, the highest quality and maximum cost savings, choose Western Horizon Trading, LLC and our powerful lineup of industry leading products!

Dry Pelleted

Western Horizon Trading, LLC’s “Effective Product Lineup” can cover your organic fertilizer needs! Our Potent Grow 5-2-2, Super 7 7-2-1, and Feather Magic 10-0-0 blended pelleted products, can fit your individual needs in most any case. Whether your focus is on quality, cost or both, our products can and will deliver.

Our pelleted products are easily applied through most conventional fertilizer applicators or broadcast type spreaders. Western Horizon Trading, LLC is committed to delivering the highest, consistent quality products at the greatest value to you and your organic fertilizer dollar. We are consistently the industry cost leader year after year.

Dry Granulated and Custom Blends

At Western Horizon Trading, LLC, we offer registered, granulated organic fertilizers that can be used on their own merit or blended to achieve a specific blend that best fits your individual needs. Custom blends are produced by request.

Feather Meal 13-0-0 - This granular product delivers one of the highest levels of organic Nitrogen available in a slow release formula that has a 90% release over a 90 day period. Predictable release properties of nutrients insure long term applications will not manifest as high phosphorus levels in the soil. Feather Meal 13-0-0 is an OMRI listed product.

Meat and Bone Meal 9-6-1 – Also a granulated product, MBM 9-6-1- is a well rounded organic fertilizer the has a powerful quick punch for Nitrogen uptake over a 8-12 week time frame, without the fear of burn to young tender plants. Proteins are derived from Blood, Meat and Bone meals, and also contain 5% calcium, an essential building block for plants and overall soil health. MBM 9-6-1 is an OMRI listed product.